Le serverless est au PaaS, ce que les containers sont aux machines virtuelles

13 mars 2017

@source: medium.com « 5 novel ways of using Docker on AWS… »

PaaS and Serverless are certainly closely related. The main differences so far seem to be:

Unit of execution: with PaaS you’re dealing with a set of functions or methods, in Serverless land with single functions.

Complexity: with PaaS you have to conform to a number of (contextual) requirements, need to set up stuff, etc. while with Serverless you only need to specify your function.

Pricing: with PaaS you’re paying for the whole package and in Serverless land only per (successful) function call/execution.

@source : medium.com « Beginning to think about “Serverless” application deployment and management with Docker »

Interview de Julien Simon, Principal Technical Evangelist chez Amazon Web Services, nous perlant de serverless et Lambda.

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